*shits on Yasuo in lane* *20-30m mark comes, Yasuo starts melting entire teams*

I kill him half a dozen times or more, and keep his CS at near half of mine for all of laning. 20-30m mark comes, he has PD and maybe an IE. He goes around killing everyone ridiculously easily. Well okay, I sure saw the point of trashing him in lane just for him to scale with only 1-2 items by 20-30 minutes. "b-b-but you shouldn't have let a lategame champ scale" Oh, thanks for informing me. I didn't know lategame happened at the 15-20m mark and first item. "b-b-but your fault you didn't end" Yeah sorry for not killing their Nexus before Yasuo gets his first item. Wow, it's almost like one player out of five being incompetent trash doesn't automatically make the rest of them bad. "b-b-but you could've just roamed from toplane and helped others" Yeah, great idea. Tell me that again after Yasuo takes a full heath tower in 2-3 waves. Meanwhile I'm playing against a team who isn't as incompetent as the Yasuo.
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