Can we talk about hexdrinker

Currently hexdrinker{{item:3155}} gives a 150-280 hp magic shield for 5 full seconds when you buy it. This is extremely effective vs AP mids to the point that champs who rush this item can't really be bursted. This compared to the one defensive item AP mids can buy, seekers armguard {{item:3191}} which is really inefficient and creates mana problems. I mean Riot nerfed zhonya's{{item:3157}} because it 'countered assassins' too hard but meanwhile ad assassins just rush {{item:3155}} and can all-in every time without repercussions because of the massive shield they get. It also activates for free even when CC'd. The cooldown is lower than most AP mid ults at rank so it's basically up 100% of the time. Because of the massive 5 second duration it not only counters AP burst but also AP dps like {{champion:69}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:90}} It gets even worse after they buy maw {{item:3156}} of course but I'm talking about laning phase here.
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