If You Could Buff Any Champion You Wanted Without Restrictions...

Basically this is a sort of challenge where. 1. You Apply a buff to any champion in the game. 2. You have no restrictions outside of the fact the changes must be an overall buff This isn't quite a "Come up with crazy ideas that would never fly" that would fit more so in concepts. I was thinking of more serious buffs. A few examples I thought up of like... {{champion:238}} W(Living Shadow) Living shadow will now auto attack any nearby monster that is neither a pet or epic monster. (So excludes things like Tibbers and Baron) in conjunction with Zed. (So if your trying to fight say... Blue Buff, and you drop your W next to it, and both you and your shadow are in AA range. When you auto attack blue, the shadow does as well.) Each auto attack the shadow makes reduces Living Shadow's cooldown by 1.5 seconds, and restores 10 energy. I actually really like jungle zed, it's only saving grace is respectable ganks. However due to the horse shit clear that is to be expected it just sucks. So a buff on the W to make it help clear camps. I doubt this would make Zed Kha'six level clear though, due to the fact that his base attack speed is pretty shitty. {{champion:50}} R(Demonic Ascension) Demonic Ascension can now be cast with zero soul fragments. but demonflare will not trigger with zero fragments. (Unless I'm mistaken, Swain actually has complete dominion over the demon of secrets. Thusly he should be able to transform without soul fragments. However if he uses them as a sort of fuel for the demonflare, I could see why having none would prevent him from using it. He doesn't lose any fragments upon casting so I thought this change would make sense and be neat gameplay and story integration.) {{champion:36}} Q(Infected Cleaver) Infected Cleaver will now apply a debuff that causes the next cleaver to deal 3% more, but increase the health cost by 1%. Stacks infinitely, and will be consumed at no benefit/loss upon taking damage from Burning Agony. (It's called infected cleaver, but I don't see very much infection about it.) Well hope you enjoyed, I hope you can post some more interesting ideas for buffs in the comments below.
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