Riot or anyone else that is seeing this post , i finally decided to write explaining my sheer hate for the Champion {{champion:157}} . over my times playing this game No other champ has given me so much rage and stress than {{champion:157}} , I don't know who designed him or decided to rip off Samurai Jack but they need a life check. Firstly his kit is the most annoying thing ever , he has no balance whatsoever , he has all elements , that range from gap closing to knock ups. This is just the start... all of his stupid abilities crit you (even his freaking whirlwind , A FREAKING TORNADO CRITS YOU). Riot has always made nice champs before that you could get around one way or another , each champ Excels in an area.. Yasuo was built as if Riot was shutting down League and leaving it at that. What really grinds my gears is that riot will nerf champs whom you can go against like {{champion:268}} (RIP Azir 6.14) but when it comes to {{champion:157}} , even when he goes tanky not change , no window is made... he is just absolute cancer.... so Riot i hope you look at this and think about Nerfing this champ a WHOLE lot because honestly nobody wants to play against a champ whom just Crits all the time , has a shield , and skill shot block , and knock up...(Get my drift.)

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