Is Klepto Nerf Due A Revert?

It seems to me most of the champions abusing Kleptomancy were actually melee toplaners who weren't even hit with the 'ranged' nerf a few weeks ago. Some of them have received their own adjustments in 8.4 and the main remaining champion that was truly an outlier is... {{champion:81}}? Meanwhile, plenty of other champions who I thought were rather balanced with Klepto it's no longer viable for; especially supports like {{champion:432}} or {{champion:267}} played into a passive enemy lane where you doubt you can get an early kill- it was great to have a Keystone that supported aggressive play when you know it's unlikely you will get assist/kills in lane. Unsealed Spellbook is passable but it doesn't particularly award aggressive play in any meaningful way. If Klepto were to be reverted is there anyone who didn't just get a nerf (besides Ezreal- he's the only one that sticks out) who would really be abusing it so badly?
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