For 800 gold you can build Executioner's Calling against Vladimir!

Hashinshin: No,no,no,no,no why would I buy grievous wound against someone who doesn't want to build grievous wounds against my Aatrox? Hashinshin: That is totally bad balancing, he doesn't even build grievous wounds against me because my healing is weak compare to his healing. Viewers: Why don't you buy Executioner's Calling? It's only 800 gold. Hashinshin: I don't build it because it's a trap item, it doesn't even give me enough damage to shred through his healing. Hashinshin: Oh and you get permanently banned for suggesting such a shitty item. Another Match: Proceed to 100-0 Ryze with Longswords, as Aatrox. Literally #Hashinshin Logic Hashinshin: I don't know what people are complaining that bruisers are damage creeping the game. Have they not look into mages? Viewers: But Hashinshin Mages items and AP ratio had always been like that since season 1, nowadays they have less AP and more magic pen. Hashinshin: The balance team should just reduce all AP items to match their AD counterpart. {{item:3003}} should be 30 AP {{item:3089}} should be 35 AP {{item:3285}} should be 35 AP {{item:3152}} should have his cost increase by 400 gold {{item:3211}} should be 40 Magic resist Viewers: but Hashinshin Mages don't even have high ratios like AD champions. Hashinshin: I'm going to personally permanently ban you.
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