@Meddler Kog rework revert: what about the balance changes done in the context of the rework?

I was wondering what Riot plans to do with changes that were done to Kog (outside of W specific changes) in the context of the rework. They seem tailored to a world where W is as is live. What are the changes I'm talking about? * Base health and health per level reduced, by 30 and 5 respectively. * Base attack speed and attack speed growth fluctuations. * Q AS bonus fluctuations. * Q armor/MR reduction changes. So my question(s) is (are): * Is Kog going to regain his pre-rework statline? Most importantly, what is his base AS + attack speed growth going to look like? * Is Kog's HP getting buffed back up? * Will Q retain its post-rework value of increased attack speed from 15 to 35%? * Will Q retain its post-rework resistances shred based on percentages as it is live?
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