It feels like every game has just become a coin flip.

At this point it feels like games are decided by 5 minutes, and the games dont actually take skill its whoever picks the most braindead shit and just spams keys(yasuo included). at this point it feels like whoever gets first blood wins. Im tired of my teammates making mistakes and instead of moving past it they type gg in chat and just tilt all before they've even hit lvl 6. im tired of my teammates not realizing that at some point them mindlessly launching their character models at the enemy team is gonna further enhance their lead. im tired of coming out of lane to a bot lane that is just killing anything that moves. for one id like to play with players who dont say im feeding after they give the adc 7 kills by 15 minutes. i just for once want a jg that actually knows how to gank other then just run right at them menacingly. Its got to the point that it feels better for me to dc then sit in a game for 20 minutes while the score is 8-0 at 4 minutes. I want old league back where a game would go 60 minutes and it would be a skill based match-up, not oh X champ hit X amount of items or X amount of levels and suddenly has no counter play. TL;DR this game is just whoever has the more braindead comp wins

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