Can we stop acting like queue times are more of a deal than game quality

Yes I'm talking about autofill. Is waiting 2-3 minutes in queue more valuable than having an actualy enjoyable game? Like seriously. Playing a game of 20-30-40-50 minutes in a role you either have no fun in playing or are bad at is considered less harmfull to the game than waiting 10-15-20 minutes before getting in the game? Autofill is completely opposed to how the new champ select works. ''Hey chose 2 roles and then you will wait to get one of those roles. But if you wait more than 3 minutes we'll just put you in a role you don't like. Sounds amazing right?'' And the truth is, most people wouldn't mind waiting longer to get their role. And the people who like autofill can just queue as fill or put support in their prefered role because let's be honest support is 99% of the reason autofill exists. But Riot won't adress this role as an issue so let's just focus on autofill for now. Basicaly, if autofill wouldn't exist people would have the choice between having long queue times for their role or having less queue time and maybe have a role they don't like. But right now they are forced into the second option. Autofill is affecting game quality in more than 1 way. First of all, you get incompetent supports that put you at a disadvantage. Guess who is more likely to win on a team with an autofill support vs a team where everyone got their prefered role. Autofill push people to pick non meta champions just because they don't like any of the meta supports and they end up losing the game, but they still prefer that to playing a champion they find boring. And let's be honest you know right when you are autofilled that you will not have fun, you will perform poorly and you are probably going to be a burden to your team. For the first time in 3 seasons of playing, I have seen things such as Zed support in my ranked game. Now I already hear those ''ya but b-for otophill u had like 1% chanse to git ur rowl coz it was pick order'' Hey genius what if I told you that pick order actualy gives you 4/5 chance of NOT getting the one role you absolutely don't want to play. You have 1/5 chance to get the role you like the most, 1/5 to get your second best role etc. With autofill you either get 1 of your 2 roles OR you get support. PICK ORDER WAS LITTERALY BETTER FOR AVOIDING A ROLE YOU DON'T WANT THAN THE NEW CHAMP SELECT IS.

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