Here's to a dream for a new season with a new beginning and hopefully real legitimate variety

New runes. All this new stuff. They're going to be a game changer. A reset button as you will. No more will we have 9 armor runes, or all the standard things. Things will be brand new. My dream and hope is that we'll actually have some genuine variety. And I don't mean the occasional jungle Naut over a jungle Lee Sin. I mean, I want to see a various number of champions return to life in roles. I already saw Tank Karma come back with these new runes. I hope to see new more legitimately viable picks with these runes. Jungle Lulu making a comeback ever since her release. Maybe a Top Lane Jhin, or a mid lane Sona, or even jungle Fiora. These are picks that CAN kinda sorta potentially possibly under the right circumstances work now. But they're not viable at all. I want to see a ranked game where someone could bring back ADC Leblanc and still win super hard. Or Botlane with J4 and Rengar. Or something crazy again. I really really just want this season to be a season of genuine changes. Where every champion could be viable in every role and pick. This is a dream. ....a fleeting dream most likely, but a dream no less!
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