What I don't understand is why do so many keystones add damage when they could be tuned for utility

Why does Predator have to deal damage at the end when it could add a 70% slow instead? (Edit: numbers can be changed but this is the general idea) Why does aftershock have to deal damage at the end when it could add maybe a brittle passive instead? Why add bonus ad on conquerer when these champions could enjoy a movement speed boost instead (juggernauts, their intended class, would love a way to catch up without a dash)? Why not increase the healing on grasp and remove the damage on this keystone? Give that unkillable vibe people want instead of this damage meta. Why should aery be a poking tool when it could be used like a soraka passive/approach velocity (moving towards the target grants bonus ms)? Why must everything, bar inspiration and a few resolves, be either attack speed steroid or damage boost when they could just as easily be tuned to be more utility orienteered, offering more diversity and reduce damage across the board? Those that probably deserve their place as the as/damage runes are PtA, LT, Elec (though this should be toned down on damage), DH (though could be reworked to give a different effect), HoB, and comet.

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