Riot, why did you continue to promote power creep toplane ?

Can you explain us a single time why did you think that healthy that a champion possess much more option in his kit than 95% of the others ? Whatever happen, regardless of the metagame, these champions are very strong at high elo (Riven, Fiora, Camille). It is extremly unfair for someone with a normal champion to fight them unless they are overpowered too for some reason. Unless you decide to rework all toplaners in a single big patch ... don't create champions like Fiora, Camille or Irelia anymore please. Yes, it's good for streaming moves but in term of balance, this is not encouraging to play versus a champion without a true and exploitable weakness who start the game with a lot of advantages over you just because of the kit ... Champions kits should be oriented around unique playstyle, not " be stronger than current champions".

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