Trynd needs changed

HIs R is the most bullshit thing ever. You play like an ape, you get caught, you lost the fight? well here is R you can kill 3 people with it or escape the dumbest situations. Why can he attack in his R but not kayle? Every single of champ with a revive or invincibility has a drawback to it by making them not attack or slow asf.Trynds does not there is 0 drawbacks to his ult and yet it's up every fucking time he gets back to lane. Why does it even last that long? I think it needs to be hit based, he is unkillable for a certain amount of hits/ and or if the timer runs out. You can't outplay it unless you go invisible.Kiting him only works on jhin because of his sonic speeds. Making him take 5 hits before you can kill him makes it better, you actually have a chance, so he doesn't turret dive every single time he gets to lane gets hit a billion times then walks out.I'm just saying that R is complete bullshit change tryndamere already he is cancer. No skill gameplay, luck on his crits and you can't even run away from him. And it would help out the ranks, probably deranking players who can only play him because of low iq requirements with 0 macro play but don't need it because they can just run it down the lanes.
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