@Riot Let's have a discussion on split-push meta

I just lost another game, because the enemy team was simply able to out split push my team. We won the laning phase heavily, and we were ahead for nearly the entirety of the game (including the conclusion). The ending score of this game was 43 to 28 (we were the 43). Every time we grouped they simply split up, and pushed. It didn't matter how fed we all were, or how well we played all because they split pushed. It was infuriating; we played much MUCH better than they did yet they were allowed to win because they sat in a lane, and took towers no matter how badly they fed. I'm not saying find a way to remove split pushing, but something needs to be done to make sure that games were you are actually winning very hard can't be lost simply because they have a split-pusher or two on their team. I think split pushing is very fun on a minor scale, but losing an entire game because of it is rather bland, and very VERY aggravating. Losing a game like this makes you feel like skill isn't even a win condition for League. So please Riot; I know you're a bunch of very creative people, so let's fix this together. Edit: Ok I am very well aware of the whole rock-paper-scissors aspect of team comps, but this was a blind pick match. I couldn't say "Hey they have a Tryndomere let's stack cc like a mofo, and stomp this kid," the game went like this (Win Lane > Win Teamfights > Lose Game do to 1-3-1 split pushing 100% of the time). I am simply saying that this is something that needs more counter play, because it isn't fun to play against, and it is the worst way to lose.
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