PSA: Farm under tower does not work

Often, when you lose lane, you get told to "farm under tower" or "stay under tower" which is some solid advice, apart from it having a few flaws. Most of which being able to be changed by Riot, only one being mechanic based. Tower is not a safe zone Tower has never been a safe zone Aside from the fact the enemy laner can freeze the lane half way in to prevent any XP, here's the reasons why it doesn't work. Some champions have two dashes Some champions can dash into you, and then jump over a wall Some champions can wait for a minion wave to come before dashing across on a 0.1 second cool down Some champions have abilities longer than the actual tower range itself Towers do not slow Towers do not do enough damage Some champions have resets on long dashes Some champions have invisibility Some champions have invunerability Some champions have healing abilities Some champions have global ultimates Tower can barely kill one person, let alone able to kill two that push in Need I go on?
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