AMA with the Kai'Sa team! (x-post from r/leagueoflegends)

We're the team that created Kai'Sa. Ask us anything! * r/leagueoflegends
Hey its me ur League of Legends. The Kai'Sa AMA is happening right here, from 12:00pm PST to 3:00pm PST. We've got writers, artists, designers,...
THE AMA HAS OFFICIALLY ENDED (as of 3:00pm PST). As always, a few Rioters will stick around as time allows. Thanks, everyone! ****** There's a Kai'Sa AMA is happening right over on reddit from 12:00pm PST to 3:00pm PST But we're gonna hang out here as well! We've got writers, artists, designers, engineers, and more who worked on Kai'Sa and want to tell you all about it. So what do you wanna know? *CATCH UP ON KAI'SA* Comic - Breach: Kai'Sa Champion Reveal: Kai'Sa Champion Spotlight: Champ Bio:
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