Guys its OK Kayle Is not weak

Kayle's early game is like playing jinx top lane you are not meant to power scale off the bat, but get incrementally stronger over time. Items, cs, and early tower gold matters....that and making sure you ban {{champion:24}} . Anyways, this incremental power-scaling isn't necessarily bad but does pose a problem when your enemy team has champs that snowball hard and melt mid game. Hyper-carries are supposed to be high risk /high reward just because of the shear output they have endgame. That said kayle's fatal flaw is that early her abilities don't do enough to help her in lane. After lvl 6 most toplaners can eat her q and walk away like nothing happened. The focus on getting gold for her is hella important and if one gets behind in any form early game you wont be doing anything until or _IF_ you reach late game. Rather than the conventional toplane kayle i would recommend trying out jg kayle as once you get past the hurdle that is lvl6 you will be a strong ganker with slows and high burst damage++ and heal with move-speed. Honestly on paper she sounds dumb busted but her ratios are all low if rito buffed her q or e a little it might make her a monster. I myself am happy about her current state. P.S. : i have like a 80% win rate with her i don't see the problems most people are having and maybe thats just me.
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