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I don't know what to say here, because everyone's post on the boards can really explain my current unsatisfactory with this game, and truthfully I've given up all faith I had in it since season 6. Have you ever seen game timelines and think back how much progress it made. Well I'll tell you my thoughts, for this game it's been the same exact thing for three seasons now. Season 6, 7 and now 8 is here and ill probably be the worst seasons in league, and I don't know whats to come. How is it the same? Well let me tell you I am not referring to the game-play, I'm referencing to how riot continues to fix their game while making more mistakes in the process. Listen, everyone is human and we certainly aren't perfect. But is there at least an ounce of consideration of thought when game changes go to the live servers? This preseason I could describe it in an analogy, "A plate full of sugary foods". Sounds good right? But once we intake too much sugar problems start to happen to the human body. I can agree that riot works hard on a daily basis but there is little thought about the after effects after putting changes to the live servers. At least that's from what I got off preseason. Now some of you are going to say, "Not everything is supposed to be balanced, that's league of legends" or "There's no such thing as a balanced meta". I absolutely agree with you, no game is perfect when it comes to balance by all means. But riot has made the game more absurd on various levels. Lets talk about damage for this instance. This game always had one shots or really broken champions, but don't you remember that this game had counter play towards certain builds or play styles. I mean what even is this season, it's FULL of damage, too much damage. All of our champions base MR and Armor got completely destroyed because of the new runes. Okay that's fine with me but how is there any sort of counterplay towards the current damage creep now? I'm getting one shotted before I can press an ability. You want to create new playstyles? Then why not just update the old rune system and masteries instead. With this new rune system it's creating more problems then solving any of them. Oh and don't get me started on the towers, what is this, Jenga? Towers for me have been weak since season 6 and haven't been fixed at all. Barely any updates or even upgrades to them, just a few changes for the early tier one towers. Because of towers, games are short and easy to predict to who's going to win. Speaking of prediction, it's almost like there's not way to get back ahead after you lose a lane or a tower. You're done until it's possible to take a minute and farm without any 5 man pressure on lanes. And it's usually easy to tell who's gonna win. Now let me clear up something, I on occasion sympathize with riot as a company on the hate they get sometimes. And of course I'll be very well contradicting myself on this post, but from what I see they just love to put out new features and constantly create different instances of game-play. But I have no clue how it isn't getting through their heads that players will forever miss-interpret that and take it as a "stupid" act. There's no longer a skillful way to win the game anymore. No thinking required,, skill is non-existent to some extent, matchups and shotcalls require it but the gameplay? Nah. This game is NOT easy to quit, for me, it's been apart of my life for a while and quitting so easily isn't as easy as it may sound. I'm probably going to take a huge break from this game just like how I did in season 7 and comeback and see what's good. Riot has attempted to learn from their mistakes, but no matter what it's on the role to cause more. Perhaps they're just making us stay here for some false hope the the game could return to a state of actual skill.

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