Jungleology 101: Behavior Control

As a jungler you will find that you are the most susceptible to being blamed. You will find players that will say the following: "You no life fucking fucker fuck of all fucks you should gank my lane before the game even starts! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!" or "I just died 3 times solo WHERE THE FUCK IS MY JUNGLER?!?!" and maybe even "I got ganked 3 times in a row, I don't know how to avoid ganks but that's okay, cuz my jungler is as dumb as Tyra Banks 4Head". Just put them on mute... Just. Mute. Them. They are not worth your time, just try to carry as best as you can. If your a tank jungler and your carries tilt, your fucked. That is why I don't recommend playing tank jungler, but anyways: Don't acknowledge your teammates in any of your games. They are NPCs that are only good for intelligence and use of their abilities. Use them as pawns and carry the game on your own. If they are tilted and are trashtalking you, mute them and don't do that stupid childish nonsense. You know, telling them they are muted before muting them so you can put them more on tilt. 1. that means your tilted too, which is where you lose the game. If you get tilted you lose PERIOD. 2. It puts your toxic pawn even further to tilt which may even make them afk and you have one less pawn to use. 3. Your drowning the atmosphere around you and your pawns even further to the depths of tilt. Which pretty much puts everyone on tilt and things are obviously worse if everyone's tilted and can't judge the game properly. Whether you like it or not: You are playing this game by yourself and you can't rely on anyone in soloQ. Unless your playing dynamic queue but that's a different story altogether. If you depend on your team you are only acknowledging them as "good" actual players and you will consistently find that your disappointed by how they ACTUALLY play and your gonna blame them and that's easily at least 2 players tilted and the key player, which is you, is the biggest one you don't wanna tilt. So, just focus on how you play and your own mistakes and disregard your teammates completely.
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