does heimerdinger have any weakneses that melee champs can abuse toplane?

as the question states i played jax into heimer and i just dont know how to beat that guy. I q a w he stuns and goes away leaving me in the middle of 3 turrets trading 2 x the dmg i bait his stun he still has the turret slow for me not to reach auto mode after q again. i try to kill the turrets and im literally destroys hp wise and im seeing no big cd for him to respawn them. i try to q A W but to retreat with E still the trade favours him i got no more answers to this guy. before if he made a mistake bc he would do less dmg i had a chance but now i dont even feel like i can match him. maybe its just me but this ranged into melee or mage top its getting boring and really sad now. im seriosly going through the whole process of maybe switch to some other game like dota 2 or smth
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