Separating League Players: Timmy, Johnny, Spike

I think this would be a fun exercise in going over the playerbase but for those who have never seen it, I recommend looking [here]( for an explanation. This is pretty old but to this day I feel it holds up. For those unaware, Timmy/Johnny/Spike are player archetypes that Magic designers coined long ago to exemplify the many types of people who play those games. I'm gonna try to split them down and have some fun with determining how the playerbase fits among them. I was pretty inspired by LS's video where he talked about this. [Right here if you want to watch him roast for a bit.]( #The Timmy According to the chart, the Timmy is the player who wants to win hard, win big and make an explosion when he does it. Timmy is the type of player who wants to grind his enemy into the dust. In League, Timmy players are the guys who will go 27/2 or 0/16 with little in-between. They're the players who want to win so convincingly they can shit-talk opponents. ###Examples of Timmy Champs: {{champion:53}} - God hooks that will single handedly win games. {{champion:122}} - Big resets and chopping teams down like trees. {{champion:238}} - *Flashes level 7 mastery at you* (Along with any other fat win-more champ) {{champion:20}} - Pound the jungler so far into the dirt that they'll never succeed, plus big ult bombs. {{champion:67}} - Dueling badass who can and will carry the entire game by cutting down everyone. #The Johnny The Johnny is the player who prioritizes new strats and awkward plans. Unlike the magic idea, however, in League the Johnny is someone who wants to be ahead of the curve and someone who redefines the meta. Because of this, Johnny plays unconventional stuff in unconventional roles in the hopes that he's stumbled across the next, new hotness. ###Examples of Johnny Champs: Unlike Timmy, I'm going to be using past successes to show examples where Johnny play redefines how a champion is played and wins in a weird/non-standard way. {{champion:115}} - The most recent example. Ziggs bot changed the game for quite some time with hard-pushing strats. {{champion:81}} - This fucker always breaks things. He's a Johnny champ by virtue of always finding something new. {{champion:236}} - Top, Mid, Bot, whatever. Lucian will always break things in a new way. {{champion:27}} - Proxy Singed redefined farming top lane and is still a ~~pain in the ass~ viable change to top lane to this day. {{champion:82}} - Riot'a attempt to make a "Johnny" champ. It failed. RIP. #The Spike League-wise the Spike is probably the most obvious: He's the guy who copies/sticks to the meta to give himself the best chance of winning. However, unlike Magic, Spike in League is often the guy who is analyzing pro matches and following win-rates to see who or what is trending. He climbs through knowledge of the game and finding out which patch broke which. Because of this, Spike is similar to Johnny. However, unlike Johnny, Spike doesn't want to "destroy" the meta. He's more so on the curve than Johnny is ahead of it. ###Examples of Spike Champs: Again, gonna use examples based on recent events that happened: {{champion:3}} - Rushing to pick before he got banned/hotfixed. {{champion:516}} - Super major pick in D+ now, from what I hear. {{champion:6}} - Once the Urgot buffs hit, everyone went to town. Any Ardent Support - Ardent Feel free to discuss and/or try to figure out which archetypes you fall under!
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