How to counter play?

How to counter play camp down bot lane? Issues/ Concerns: 1. Jungle will camp my lane bot lane and with little to no consequence. Still effectively csing and out leveling bot lane. 2. My jungle will afk farm and ignore bot lane and dragon control.( So no impact to the game) 3. Mid and Jungle will dive bot lane with no consequence and no counter play. 4. I use other strategies and tilt my teammates trying to be creative or try to play out of the situation. 5. In conclusion, i do not know what to do because there's not effective way to play out of this as an ADC. 6. Mid and Jungle, solo lanes, out level you so you consistently at disadvantage. I feel like something has to happen to the jungle role or something because I don't think it's fair for a jungle just camping a lane without any consequences. I'm not sure what RIOT can do about this: Possible solutions: 1. Make the jungle items rewarding for ganking and make harder to level in the jungle when AFK farming jungle. ( this will help force jungle to actually play with his/ hers teammates 2. Make actually supports stronger so they can help counter play the camp lane. ( I understand why riot doesn't want ADCs to be stronger) Like if my jungle doesn't help me or refuses to help me. Why should i be punish because their jungle decides to help their bot lane and Mid and Jungle decides to camp me?
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