Decoy Suggestion - Kindred's Mark system needs help - Too easy too counter-bully

Kindred is a fun, rewarding champion - but incredibly difficult due to heavy reliance on a mark system that telegraphs where this squishy ADC will go. It's become the normal standard that outside of unranked and low level ranked games, entire teams will bully the jungle - and Kindred is by far the easiest due to being able to see the marks Kindred needs to function. In the early game, Kin lacks slightly for damage. Enemy champions consistently tend to survive with a sliver of health more times than losing because assigning them a mark gives them time to prepare. Rather than making a massive change or a lot of work for Kindred, why not play test decoys? For Kindred, nothing visually or mechanically changes, but to the enemy team, there's not one visible mark, but 2-3, making it challenging to figure out which one is real. Kindred appears to have a healthy winrate right around 50%, but with play rate of less than 2%, that number is a mirage. Adding decoys to challenge the enemy team that Kindred may or might not be able to see themselves also adds an element of fun. Which one is real? It would ensure the enemy team also would have to spread out should they try to bully the ADC Jungler.
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