"support" design has been complete garbage lately

Yuumi, pyke and now senna... 3 complete nightmares to balance, 3 unfun champs to play against, 3 overloaded champs, 3 champions that are the complete epitome of how new champs SHOULD NOT be made. Did you guys at riot forget to how to make healthy support champions? Whatever happened to braums, namis, you know, champs that actually play as SUPPORTS rather than a 0 income adc/mage/assassin? Its just really unhealthy for the bot lane if you guys keep pumping those abominations non stop, its the worst thing ever to see senna support actually outscaling an adc in terms of damage with 0 farm and then watching her have massive utility at the same time, thats when they dont abuse her as an adc and get items even earlier because you know, its healthy for a champion with scaling range to fking start the game at 600 (SIX HUNDRED!) range at lvl 1, senna should have like 525 range at lvl 1 if new champ balance wasant such a joke (yes, scaling champs with passives like that SHOULD BE WEAK EARLY GAME AND NOT LANE BULLIES). Just like solo lane pyke was absolutely aids before they nerfed half of his kit and aoe (and its still quite annoying). Yuumi i dont even need to talk about as you have already seen tons of pros even saying "why in the world was this champ made". Please stop riot, start being reasonable again with new champions, this is too much and its going to completely break the game balance very soon enough.

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