Can We All Agree The Balance Team Doesn't Know What They're Doing

They wanted to make the games seem like you have more of an impact. **Did they achieve this?** They wanted games to have more comebacks. **Did they achieve this?** They wanted to lower laning phase damage. **Did they achieve this?** They wanted laning phase to last longer. **Did they achieve this?** Look at this game currently, has anything changed for the better? In my personal experience, this game has gotten more snowbally and RNG than season 8. I didnt think it was possible, but Riot managed to do it. People now getting 12 damage level 1 with Conqueror, allowing them to 4 auto 100-0 you, *Coughs* Jax *Coughs*. Once one tower goes down, you skip right through mid game and are in late game now. Comebacks are achieved by killing people who are doing good, adding more to the RNG element of League. You have just as much impact as the support bursting enemies. Riot failed on all their objectives, are they even playing the game we are? Are they even testing these patches before releasing them? Seriously, what the fuck are you doing?
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