Urgot has toxic gameplay patterns that needs to be addressed assap

This is just scary that he was left in current state for so long. Where is riot's "juggernaut should be unmobile and easy to kite"? 1. He has poke with no mana cost on Q that is ranged and has huge slow. 2. He has ranged auto attacks that additionally are aoe and have max% hp PHYSICAL dmg that benefit from black cleaver passive that is just item literally made for this champion. 3. His shield that has too high base shield as well as scalings and literally makes it another press key to win champion, deals retarded amount of damage and is up right after one ends. Riven v2 in more cancerous version. 4. He has hard CC and displacment as well as mobility tool with low cooldown. 5. Toxic trades pattern. As meele champ you can forget about doing anything to prevent him from flipping you. You can't even trade nor farm because he has a toxic pattern of throwing you behind in his minions immediately popping shield that was for no reason buffed and cant be interrupted by CC anymore, dealing dmg from it as well, hitting Q and safely disengaging while you are slowed trying to run away from 32424 creeps hitting you. Did I mention he can also easily body block you (which for some reason is a thing that never was before in lol) while having shield up so you stay for even more dmg and cant retaliate. 6. Last but not least, very balanced ultimate that is literally undodgable unless you are a prophet. And of course he can also use his ult earlier and just chunk you down to amount of hp needed for execute and still use the execute which is another bullsht mechanic. Riot buffed missle speed for no reason. It allows 0 counterplay. And of all this he builds just HP items and is still impossible to kill regardless. Literally black cleaver,steraks and tank items and he oneshots your adc and bruisers/fighters/divers or whatever that is not a full tank and doesnt lose a single bit of HP during that. Who the hell worked on that rework? Defenitely not someone sane. You don't even need to be good at this game to make an impcat with this champion. You win laning phase by default and can't be stopped unless its the whole team 5v1 collapsing on you. You can't put him behind because his base damage as well as scalings are off charts. - First of all. Nerf his base dmg on Q. It has 70% AD scaling already and you build items that has AD anyway. From 25 / 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 to 25/50/100/130/160 at least. Or nerf his slow for a static value of 25% at best. - Nerf either shield cooldown or it's damage and revert the change so his shield and firing is again a channel and can completely cancel his W with hard CC. From 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 sec to 20/19/18/17/16/15. Urgot rushes BC and usually has 40% cdr in the mid game already. DMG from 12 (+ 20 / 24 / 28 / 32 / 36% AD) to 12(+15/18/21/24/27% AD). It is a point and click ability that gives you a shield so no reason for it to deal so much damage.Either this or shield cooldown. - Nerf cooldown of his E from 16 / 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 to 24/22/20/18/16. Again he builds a lot of CDR. He needs to be vurnerable in lane and has his CC (which in juggernauts design should not exist) on high cooldown so he cant cc and trade you and then few moments later run away from a jungler that runs to help you. - Nerf his ult missle speed. Its currently fking 3200 with god damn 1600 range which also is ridiculous. That means the drill hits the max range in half a second. It's already hard to dodge as hitbox is completely broken. Only flash can possibly save you, but only at max range as 0,5 a second is enough to flash away at max range (mobility spell wont help you will get hit before it casts and after it casts you are marked), but defenitely undodgeable in any closer range. In meele range its less than 0,01 sec of reaction time you have. Reaction time of good player might be around 0,1s at best. Its ridiculous to think you can dodge his ult and also considering you just got slowed for a huge amount, inside a creep wave I doubt that without a flash you can dodge it. You can't engage him in lane either cause he chooses when he wants to trade. He will just pop shield slow you with Q, and safely disengage. While your cooldowns will be defenitely longer he can already engage before your are up and get a free trade. Additionally with new runes, he picks up comet and his poke is even stronger. considering a lot of cdr in his builds he can also use Transcendence and get even more AD. Second tree is a tree of choice. Inspiration is rather not an option, but to make him even more immortal - resolve is just perfect for him. Considering his shields are up a lot, you can get Second wind for healing during trades so even if you somehow get dmg when your shield is for a short moment not available you heal up during shield soaking up dmg a second later. Plus iron skin/mirror shell depending on a match up. Or if needed conditioning. He can as well take domination tree for cheap shot. He will proc it a lot and ravenous hunter so he is even more unkillable. For precision tree he can always pick up tenacity stacking, which further improves his survavibility so even CC wont be usefull vs him and the second choice is basically whatever. There is literally nothing you can do. To stop him. He synergizes with everything and has got no flaws of usual juggernaut.
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