Burst damage makes it harder to appreciate pro skills

Honestly, this season has been the worst experience for me playing league as of late, which is ironic considering this is the first season I finally climbed out of Gold. I should really be enjoying my progression, but the game state manages to regularly deliver a frustrating and boring experience whenever I play. But I still had some hope come Worlds. A lot of people talk about how exciting the game is to watch now, so I thought i would give it a shot. Mind you, I was a long time spectator and LCS/LCK fan before this season. I have 4 LCS jerseys, a couple of hoodies, and over a dozen dif team shirts - I've been an enthusiastic fan for some years now. But trying to watch Worlds this year has been challenging. The game quality just isnt there right now. Team fights dont play out like they used to. Theres no back and forth play that used to happen between all of the players before. In teamfights of the past, you would see players adjust their position throughout combat, baiting people to overextend, or closing in after critical cooldowns have been spent. Right now, the tempo of pro team fights look really similar to the clown fiestas in solo q. Just run around until you can instantly blow one enemy up, then get into a mad scramble to win a 4v5. Pro teams used to make a name for themselves with things like smart map movements, objective trading, clever gank routes, intelligent team fighting, or just relentless aggression. Now that the main requirement to win feels like its "just blow one guy up" theres no nuance or distinction between the teams' ability to team fight. It feels like its more about the first salvo than anything else, and that is insanely boring. There used to be so much strategic nuance to this game, that it took several minutes for someone like Zirene to break down a team fight that lasted maybe 10+ seconds. Now it feels like its just, "catch and kill a wandering dude before everyone in the shed starts throwing grenades at each other. " Not a fun viewing experience when you know what this game used to play like.
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