What if Aftershock was based on the user's % resistances?

For example, you gain 25% armor and MR when it's procced. (Just throwing a random number out there, probably not a good number). So let's say you have a Maokai with 300 armor and 200 MR, he would temporarily have a net gain of 75 armor and 50 MR, which is fairly useful. Then let's say you have a Lux with 50 armor and 40 MR, she'll have a net gain of 13 armor and 10 MR, which is *significantly* less useful, and this would go for all ranged champs who can abuse aftershock. (Lux and Lissandra basically). The reason I'm proposing to base it on % resistances rather than something like melee/ranged is that I still want champs like Thresh to be able to take Aftershock if they want and not be forced to use Guardian. Idk, it's just an idea. I know that only like 2 ranged champs ever abuse aftershock at a given time so it's not much of a problem, I just think it's really annoying when it does happen.

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