I've been playing League for about 2 years

2 years is a pretty considerable amount of time to be playing this game. I'm not the best at the game in any sense, but I need to point out that... - I do not own 70 of the 123 champions in the game - I still do not have a full page of Tier 3 runes On average, you could say I've played about 3-4 games a day over 2 years, combining Team Builder games with Classic wins. According to wasted-on-lol.com, I've spent 765 hours on this game, which means 32 days of my life. Just on champions, I've spent 125,450 IP. On Runes, I've spent about 12,603 IP, not counting the Tier 1 and 2 runes I bought when I first started. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like that's a really stupid amount of IP and time to spend for not even half of the champions in the game and two half-finished rune pages. Yeah I may not have always spent my IP properly and some of it did go to waste in my early levels, but even still I feel like these prices are a bit bogus. Now I look at the champion RP sales and if a champ that I want is on sale, I buy it. Way easier than saving up the IP. Just my $0.02
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