Mentality and Tilting Behavior of people in Ranked

First off, Im sorry this is just going to be a little rant on the state of this meta and the people who play it. Okay first of all why? I know this has been said a million times before but theres too much damage. This problem is only excacerbated by the fact that everyone seems to think they belong two tiers higher than their team and deserve to have a carry role. Consistantly on a team theres at most one bruiser and 4 full damage characters. The usual setup is a carry trynd yas camille or irelia top, ap carry mid. Xin, udyr, lee jg (which yes I understand are bruisers but they still hit like a truck.) Of course an adc and usually a legitimate support but you also get heimers and lux's and brand's. Now i dont have a problem with the people who do this inherently I like playing carries too, its just that they dont LISTEN. I was inspired to make this post because my last three games have been hell. My first game I had a lee and vayne duo. They were very confident on the ability to invade and I just said we should play safe because we scaled harder. They tried to invade without me. This of course ended off with lee giving away first blood to their jg. After which the lee sin started question mark pinging me as if my level 1 veigar q would have saved the day. However, this was not unsalvageable and i decided to slowly outscale talon. This was ruined when the lee came to gank and after landing the q on a half health talon and making him blow flash. That sounds really good and at first it was but then my lee decides to tower dive talon level three with me being in the middle of the lane. This began the inevitable talon snowball i was trying so hard to avoid. This lee ended up 2/11/3. His duo. the vayne ended up 2/9/6. That tilted me a bit but its okay because i could shake it off and keep going. The next game actually started off pretty well with me helping secure a kill with aatrox and me absorbing a ton of pressure mid. Then it started to go downhill. As it always happens with new champs our jg had no idea how to play him and quickly came to the conclusion he was garbage. He tilted pretty hard off of this stopped ganking and generally just became passive agressive towards our caitlyn who wasnt doin too hot. The resulting flame back at the aatrox made him sell all his items purchase mobis, deadmans, ghost blade and {{item:2065}} then he ran it down. Okay two pretty much unwinnable games down the hatch so i took a break and came back when i stopped tilting. So then the third game also started pretty well. We were ahead in kills, gold and got first tower and then when it came to grouping (I was malphite and we had a yasuo, it was a teamfight dream come true) the kindred just said "I don't need you." Of course our team was understandly annoyed but im actually impressed that no one flamed. We kept trying and eventually managed to take two inhibs and at this point the kindred had started to go full troll. Everytime she spawned she would say "guys back off im gonna 1v5" this happened twice and when she said it the third time we went full tilt, typing in all caps, writing random strings of letters, the whole shebang. Still though my team was surprisingly lax with the flame. We just told her to group over and over until finally on her fifth attempt at a 1v5 she died giving up baron and elder at which time they just ran over our base. Thats just ridiculous. This is so unacceptable Riot. If people are so easily able to just skirt by the system with no penalties. then they wont stop and more and more people will get frustrated with this game. I started playing right around preseason 7 and while that's after what many people consider to be after the golden age of league it was still incredibly fun. Learning what each champion did and all the items was a blast and what made it bearable was the people who didnt flame me for being new and always put up with a discount M5 0/10 Yasuo main. With the way the game is now it just seems that all that respectable distance is thrown to the wayside with everyone tilting the second something goes wrong and I cant imagine I would have joined this game if that was my experience in s7. Even with all the people saying that was already so flawed it was so much more balanced, at least in my opinion than now. Before I of course didnt like yi or artillery champs like xerath because they countered my main but now it actually feels oppresive no matter who you lane against. Xerath hits me for 1/4th of my health from half a screen away. Udyr just running straight at me and demolishing me before I even walk half the distane of veigars cage. Talon chuncking me for 80-100% of my health with two abilities from levels 2-5 after which it just becomes 100%. It feels like trash because when I get a kill it was too quick and when they kill me it feels like all they did was run at me. I just think that this game could be so much better and I'm not gonna be like FirE TEh BAlanCe TEaM but this game has so much potential and its being ruined. tl:dr The ranking system is incredibly toxic and the player punishment systems need a major overhaul. People dont listen to other players in a game that Riot has made a TEAM game and the meta needs to be shifted to let all types of champs to shine not just the ones who do the most damage.

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