Any other adc mains keep having issues where there getting one shot by dark harvest?

Ugh, game after game a full team of dark harvest. I just get games where I just get stomped because someone that can burst gets even more burst after I'm 50% hp down like I play ADC and the hp for ADC's is so low and all you get is a chunk of dmg after getting down to half hp. Like Riot, you want to lengthen the lane phase but when you get low hp there's no way to recover as once you get hit by an ability you get chunked and let's not talk about the stacking on it either. I just played a TT game and I was Ezreal laning vs a Rengar and level 2 he one shot me with dark harvest and if you know anything about dark harvest then you must know the snowball you get off it. I know I probably won't get good reviews off this but I'm done with this rune, I just think it has ruined the potential of so many other runes like electrocute which is now never used as dark harvest is just so much better than it.
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