This ranked system is a complete joke

I've played League for quite some time, Been involved since closed Beta, stopped playing in season 3 to play Dota 2, and a few other games with friends. Recently got back in as friends are busy with work(less gaming), and while the game is fun, there are some inherent flaws with it still that haven't been fixed in literal years. It makes no sense to me that this game still has load times that are long enough still to let you take a dump before it starts. It absolutely astounds me that Adobe Air is still used as a basis for half this game, I'm on an overclocked gaming computer and it still struggles to run that filthy whorish code. Had to restart it 3 times yesterday just for it to register my new champ IP purchase. Text lags behind in friend chat, and in lobby chat. It baffles me that this game still lacks basic functions for a proper E-sports game. In a game in which the average game-time is probably around 35 minutes, Every minute counts. With low respawn timers, and the general size of the map, losing just one player for even a minute can be devastating. Though saying that your teammate will return in a minute is pretty wishful thinking since the load time of this game hasn't improved any over the last 3 years. I'm still seeing at least 2-4 people during the loading screen take upwards of 3 or 4 minutes to load. Good luck winning a game after losing someone that long. The real problem is though, You can't pause... So you just lose a teammate and have to deal without them for 3 minutes. Almost never works out unless you were ahead to begin with sadly. It's pretty mind boggling in a game that's considered an E-sport, how there isn't a voice chat feature yet, Replays still haven't been implemented, Even simple things like combat logs haven't been added yet. There's at least a third party source for 2 of these, but even that isn't a proper solution, more just a laziness factor than anything. The simple fact that you can still get into Ranked games, and LOSE LP because of a leaver/AFK shows how much work this game still needs. The ranked system is a joke, but so is the entire game. I don't know about you guys, I'll continue playing this on the side with one or two friends, but to ever take a serious look at this game again, Riot is going to have to seriously work on addressing all these issues. I wouldn't mind doing ranked again seriously, My friends probably wouldn't either, but there is just so many negatives to this game right now that it'll be pretty much impossible to enjoy on anything but an extremely casual level. As of right now though, Riots track record is showing again. No real changes to the game have been made for years(aside from butchering the balance of the game), and you all still throw cash at them. Good to know the League community knows where they stand at least. Just so you know, I don't know what Riot has planned for this game, Maybe they've made announcements for some of what I mentioned in this post, I know some of you might try to back them up, or try to correct me. It doesn't matter though. They've had nearly 6 years(how long league has been in existence) now to show any initiative with their game and to date it's still missing massive amounts of features that other games have at release. You simply can't defend that no matter how hard you try.
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