So Yorick...

There is much to say about Yorick, and I'm gonna quote this guy who worded it very well. > Let's take this opportunity to call out what a massive blunder Yorick is. This is not directed at you per se as it is not your fault at all, but Yorick is the worst handled moba character since the Gambler. He is permabanned from the free week rotation, he is constantly the culprit behind spaghetti code breaking the game (unlimited deaths in a game, dropping games every other patch, etc.), no skins released, perma "on the remake to do list." Lets be completely frank here, why has he not been #1 on the redo list? Why has Gangplank now received 2 visual updates while Yorick, who is not in a sorry visual state in my opinion, will not get a skin because he is "on the VU list? > -Nazzdan
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