Rageblade is losing over a net amount of 1000 gold in stats because Varus and Kog'maw abuse it

50 + 24 AP lost, 3 AD lost, 16% AS gained, -200 cost, and melees gain 2 stacks (max stacks increased to 8, but stacks only give 8% MS). That's 1609 gold worth of AP lost, 105 gold from AD lost, 400 gold of AS gained, and a flat reduction of 200 gold. As a Kayle player, I have to ask "Why my balance crutch of viability is being destroyed?" Is it because they want to make her shit just so her rework seems better? I don't like to think about that nor do I want to. As a Varus player, I have to ask, "Why the fuck can't you just nerf my god damn passive?" I don't play Kog'maw, but I bet their mains are asking, "Why was I nerfed at all if this was happening?" And now, as top lane player, I have to say this benefit me. The item requires other onhit items to be effective. **Bruisers can't build other onhit items because they provide no defensive stats (besides Wit's End), and therefore they die too quickly.** BoRK is still a shitty item too, and they aren't buffing BoRK because then Ranged Rageblade users would just break it. With this in mind, why the hell would I give up the synergy Trinity Force and Sterak's Gage? Now ask, who actually benefits from this change? Master Yi? Vayne? Even Kai'Sa is being nerfed before even coming out the patch after she hits with this change. If you want to know what burning city looks like, you can just come to the Kayle mains Discord. Having to go through the nerf of from Devourer, the fall of Hurricane with the rise of Rageblade to compensate, both Rylai's and Fervor being nerfed for onhit users, the E cooldown change that makes her early game worse, and now her scaling is going to be hit. People aren't happy is an understatement. Rageblade was originally a hybrid item that bruisers and hybrid champions would build. Now it's become a scaling onhit item, except melee champions don't stack full damage to gain efficient benefits. That's why only certain melee champions buy Infinity Edge; they have special synergy. Rageblade is being turned from a Hybrid Item into an ADC Item that Master Yi can also use.
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