Why is support such a disliked role?

I get not liking being auto-filled, but is support really that bad? I understand having a main role and not playing in said main role can be more challenging for those players who ONLY play one role or champion. However, it is not like Support is any less impactful to a game's outcome. They sometimes are directly responsible for wins too. Playing with a good support is amazing compared to one who just decided to troll because of auto-fill. Being a good support is also fun. It is not a hard role to learn either. And it is not a passive role in the slightest. You can always be doing something active or proactive. A common argument is that "since the adc sucks supporting them is useless, but I cant carry as a support in place of them". While there is some truth to it, it does not always mean you are useless or cant carry. Sure you wont have a +20 K/D by the end of the game. but you can do a lot for the other 3 team members and that "useless" adc too. Maybe I am missing something?
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