Reminder: Every Worlds is the "most boring Worlds ever" with the "least diversity."

Just throwing out there that ever since I started playing (very very end of S3), people have always complained about Worlds being incredibly stale and boring. Here are just a couple things to consider so that maybe you'll understand a bit more about the tournament! * **The champion pool of any given Worlds tournament usually consists of roughly 20 or so top picks for the majority of games and 10-20 "off-meta" picks a few times.** In a game of balance with 100+ champions, there will always be some champions that are objectively stronger for a certain play style that the game revolves around. A key thing to note, however, is that this pool of champions is different every year. Yes, there will always be a currently strongest pool, but that pool does change. Either way, it's still way more diverse than many games like SSBM where it's always Fox vs. Fox (poor example, I know, but it gets a point across). * **Macro play is much more emphasized than micro play.** This is prominent in any split, but especially in Worlds where teams compete in the biggest tournament of the year. Laning phases are, to some, a boring 15-20 minutes where the laners just farm and nothing seems to happen. Teamfights seem to look the same. However, if you look at each game, it's all about macro play. While teamfights may be similar, look at the bigger picture--*where* is the teamfight? *When* is the fight? *How strong* is each player when the fight breaks out? Ultimately it boils down to League being a combination of the excitement of watching sports with the strategy of a game of chess. Fights are chaotic and exciting for us to watch. However, as an RTS game, League also has plenty of "slow" and "boring" elements at the highest levels of play which many people don't enjoy. Some of us (the few who watch bowling, billiards, or chess) love looking at the macro play. For some of you, it's the micro play. Neither is a "better" way to look at League, but there's no denying each group will be at least a little "unappreciative" at the other side's enjoyment simply because that's the nature of the game itself.
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