A Serious Question About Champion Development, Identity, and Balance

Hello, I'd like to ask an honest question to any reds who'd care to weigh in: Do you think a champion can have a *bad* identity, especially **to the point where it should be changed**? Let me clarify. A lot of times when you discuss changes to a champion, you refer to a "core identity" that you prefer to make changes *around* but not *to*, even when the reworks are pretty extreme (take Sion, for instance). The Sion rework is a good example because I think a lot of people like where he's at now. He has interesting tools in his kit for laning, jungling, teamfighting, and has even seen some LCS play. Additionally, his kit now plays more in line with the core identity you tried to preserve: an undead juggernaut. Now let's look at a champion who has historically been a nightmare to balance: Kassadin. If I cared to comb through and reread patch notes I'm sure I could find some paragraph about how you don't want to alter his ultimate too much because it's a "core mechanic central to his theme/identity (hyper mobile disruption assassin anti-mage... thingy) ." However, pulling into line a "core mechanic" of "I have a low-cd long distance blink" sounds like a pretty tough task. We could argue about how successful it's been but that's not my point. (This isn't a QQ kassadin thread, i don't even think he's that much of a problem anymore) I respect the creative process and appreciate that focusing on building and developing ideas instead of scrapping them is a valuable part of that process. Part of good champion design is a "core identity" that can be worked around and fashioned into a healthy addition to the champion pool, and I think on the whole you guys do that very well. I'm not asking you to throw the dev team under the bus either, I'm just asking if you think a champion can have **an identity that is so challenging to work with that it is better to scrap it and start fresh.**
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