How to bring tanks back?

Legit question, I have no idea. In my mind, purpose of tanks is to a) soak up as much dmg as they can(that's reason why Mundo is simply tank for me, he doesn't make you focus him bcs of taunts and ccs, but by running at your adc and murdering him)and b) providing engage/cc. In this meta it will result into blowing up in 3 secs when focus by 5 ppl(is it bad thing?). Sure I read all of the cryposts about nerfing conq, pens, overall dmg, buffing tankiness, reverting runes etc. So what's right step? Should be tanks able to 1v1 their opponent? In lane? Midgame? Late? Should the pure tanks(cc bots/vanguards or wardens if you want) be able to be unkillable at some point of the game? To what point? In what point? Surviving 1v5 for how long? I'm really disconnected from this class, I'm also really biased, it gives me ptsd just to look at mao/malp and think of times when they just sat in lane for 30 mins, unable to do anything(sure, roaming and stuff, but you know what I mean). Will anyone expect proscene play tanks when they will do no dmg? Relying on your team doesn't sound like smart strat to have in soloQ. Buffing tanks items will just lead to abusing them by other classes. Nerfing conq/pens without looking into tanks dmg will be unhealthy for the game imo. Facing tank that is unkillable, but does near to zero dmg is annoying, but right, right? Facing Cho(hell even Ornn and others) that is unkallable, kiteable(with flash/Righteous Glory/Frozen mallet not that much), oneshoting squishy isn't ok, right? Any top tank players left here? Any opinions on topic, despite I hate tanks, they should be playable(are they really unplayable? winrates ok(poor Mundo), played mainly by otps, idk, I'm just bsed, but they feel ok).

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