M4 (or M5?) Mandatory to choose in Ranked?

Last game I queued up for in ranked, two players deliberately trolled their asses off in champ select: ************ (troll #1) and ***** (troll #2) showed Top lane Soraka and Ezreal mid. According to op.gg neither one had played either of those champs in ranked or norms in all of S9 yet and as far as I could tell, never at all. We also had an ADC who locked in Teemo! (wtf, how am I supposed to support *that*) He also had zero ranked games on teemo. But at least he did have about 30 or so games in norms on that turd-dropping rat, so I do not put him in the same category as Troll#1 and Troll#2. Deciding to play would mean almost 100% chance of losing because these "players" were obviously trolling with intent to cause harm to others' enjoyment of the game with those champ selects. So I dodged. Please refund my LP and please impose a requirement of M4 on a champ before taking it into ranked. This is fucked up. RIOT PLEASE Change the requirement for ranked to having 20 champs at M4 (or M5). And prevent a player from taking any champ into game that they are not M4/M5 on. With a 20 champ pool, it would literally be impossible, even if the final pick of champ select for all qualifying champs to be banned or picked. Agree? Disagree?

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