I feel that the new masteries would be useless for tank champions

I am calling it right now Tank masteries would be useless and for one more season true tanks would suffer I mean they say they would have a mastery that make the enemy unit bleed for a portion of your AD or AP this mean that we would see assasins and riven all over the game and tanks to be unable to tank anything special with all that armor nerfs that riot still dosent care to fix... So yeah one more season where tanks would be useless (And no the 1 month of {{item:3717}} is not "TANKS WHERE GOOD IN SEASON 5) because even then the only "Tanks" who were good was maokai and hecarim...the same tanks we were seeing in every game even before that item because of their kit Now we only see darius/garen/Fiora/riven and a gnar top lane because full tanks are useless and they would be even more useless with the new masteries
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