Why the game doesn't need more Buffs right now, Nerfs are what League needs (Polite Version)

The simple fact that you can look at any match from any Ranked tier in the game and see characters from each of the classes taking 50% or more of their HP from just a couple basic abilities or _**BASIC ATTACKS**_ speaks volumes about the negative state of the game right now. Tanks should not be allowed to deal consistent chunks of damage while building no offense at all solely because they have a single ability or more with base %Max HP damage or Defense=Damage scaling. Examples: {{champion:57}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} They are meant to be sources of crowd control that soak up enemy damage for their team, not boss level DPS bots that can solo-kill any lone target and need two or more enemies at a time to keep them under control. Marksman shouldn't be allowed to deal such consistent and _**massive**_ damage in an instant, they are a DPS class meant for whittling down targets from afar with steadily applied ranged attacks, they are NOT assassins that should be able to cheaply pick up ranged point and click burst with a ridiculously short self-lowering cooldown {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} Assassins should be able to pop their targets with clever positioning and the skill to land all of their abilities on those targets, they SHOULDN'T be able to do it in a single hit, two if the target built defensively, solely due to an absurdly cheap and overloaded item {{item:3147}} or thoughtlessly high base damage and scaling on easily landed basic abilities. Fighters that aren't {{champion:102}} {{champion:5}} are meant to be a class that dives into fights in order to disrupt positioning and hopefully blitz down HVTs before they're able to use their abilities to turn a fight in their favor, instead the vast majority of them are completely outclassed by most tanks due to their lack of high damage while building pure defense to actually survive going after those targets. They're simply not able to reliably pick off those HVTs because they'll by default have more than enough distance and damage to pick that oversized mosquito off in no time because they'll most likely deal pitiful damage since they can't reliably live long enough to proc their PTA. Mages are meant to be ranged spellcasters that control the flow of a fight over time with well placed abilities, instead they're played more like glorified chefs that all build practically identical full squishy damage with room for only TWO personal itemizations {{item:3151}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3165}} and roll their faces across their keyboards in the hopes of either killing an enemy before they die instead or at least burning most of the target's HP and Summs so their ADC can gorge themselves on the free gold with a skillful {{item:3094}} auto. And Supports? Supports are just enablers, that is their only job in this game, to enable busted champs with bonus item slots and effects, they have no real agency over the flow of the game on their own and rely solely on fluffing up the coattails of the over-tuned, and if the people in that role end up picking carries and mages and go full squishy damage instead of a buffer/CC champ... well then they're aren't really playing a supportive role are they? They're just a second mage, working on cooking up those free kills for their ADCs. If the game has any hope of returning to a skill-based state then these things need to change, and the best way to start that is by: * Hitting the brakes full stop on all Buffs * Taking a look at the state of the game and who is currently performing better than the rest * Tweaking them down stat by stat champ by champ and thus steadily opening up the Champion pool so that it can provide better data to improve decision making on champs that consistantly showed signs of struggle * THEN you can finally begin thinking about _**SMALL INCREASES OR SHIFTS IN STATS.**_
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