calculated highest gold jungle path; be highest gold/exp in game as jungle

with this path im getting more gold than the 5-0 solo laner. by doing nothing but farming its nuts. while the first clear got its gold slightly reduced. it seems the jungle camps increase their gold reward pretty quickly. the faster you farm your camps, the faster you make them respawn and generate more gold it seems. dont know if thats what it is but before you know it wolves and birds are giving you fricken 120 gold each. combined with gromp krugs your getting like 500 gold from a 100 second jungle clear, not even counting passive gold i didnt really know what makes this generate so much gold at first. but i think these points are the main causes 1) you save 100gold on potions which allows you to quickly get your 2 jungle items for faster clearspeed. giving you a edge over a enemy jungler who doesnt do this. and the 2 jungle items are about 90% as effective as the upgraded jungle item in sustain/clearspeed. and you know how you "dont need hunters potion anymore once you have your item" ? well now you basically "have your item" when your level fricken 2. basically removing all sustain problems in the jungle 2) your recall time after krugs almost functions as "improved walking time" since it cuts the map and lets you walk to blueside after shopping. compared to say walking to blueside jungle after red. this way your "almost" walking to blueside after red but your doing it WITH your 2nd jungle item already in your fricken inventory for just the cost of a few more seconds. so you reach your blueside jungle a few seconds later than a potion start but by the time you get there you already have 2 fricken jungle items (which are 90% effective as the upgraded jungle item). overall its just way faster. and as you shop and leave fountain you heal to full in 2 seconds functioning as like free potions in a way 3) you get a improved jungle clearspeed so fast from 2 items that overall it equals just way more gold. i am heavily beating fed solo laners in gold and exp using this path its likely a combination of these things. all i know is by 16 minutes you have more gold than your 5-0 riven with good CS (just hope its not the enemy who has the 5-0 riven LOL). basically just farming your jungle will give you more gold than their jungler who is 5-0 so here is the path / details. kinda funny how its so simple and easy. doesnt take any "skill" yet generates insane gold and exp you should be able to do this with pretty much every jungle champ i can think of. with exceptions being maybe stuff like wukong who has a bad lvl2 clear the normal junglers im using are "average clearspeed" junglers voli zac amumu nocturne. and they do this just fine. you dont even need to gank. the game is about gold. i find while doing this tactic if i powerfarm to 15 minutes ill have more gold than the toplane riven who is 5-0 . its nuts. you get yourself fed as a jungler without even needing to be good or skilled. just farm lol NOW OF COURSE. if you do this path / strategy. there is a chance your laners fall behind and die to ganks and go 0-10 and blame you and QQ rage. sure. there is that chance. but my logic is a simple logic. that logic is simply : "FK EM" thats right. "FK EM". overall. on average. doing this will give you a higher winrate overall. farming and taking care of YOURSELF in solo queue is the path to winning. sure, 30% of games your team will feed. but if you just keep the faith, you will win in those 70% where your lanes are skilled enough to play safe and chillax and farm safe and the enemy jungler wastes his time on failed ganks and you farm to god status now. at any time during "the path" you can choose to start ganking. you can maybe do it after your jungle item upgrade. or maybe you can do it after your level 4. who cares. thats not the point im focused on. league has many options. "farm or gank" is always the question you have to ask yourself as the jungler there are always options available to you. and thats all good. maybe you wanna gank and help your team. thats wonderful all im saying is this is "the path" the fastest gold / exp path ive found and if you stick to it you will be the highest gold / EXP in the game through just farming. more than 9-0 solo laners. then whenever you feel like it you can leave your jungle at say 17 minutes when you are strong as hell and just walk around the map killing anyone you want if your ganks have a 100% success rate then your ganks will probably produce more gold than the path. sure Spirit or Insec playing lee sin having 100% gank success rates would outfarm this. of course. but if your ganks have a sub 70% success rate then chances are you will be stronger with more gold by just following "the path". so alas, once again that is the ultimate question. do you want to gank to stop your team from feeding, or make yourself stronger. ultimately, the choice is yours. so now friends. onto "the path". its pretty simple start hunters item + 1 potion start red . dont even need leash. smite red for the heal then krugs. kite krugs back to the bush slowly incase their jungler invades your krugs you can escape. (sometimes they try if they invade and see your red gone. its rare. but good to be safe and the 2 seconds of time it costs you no big deal) then shop right after krugs for your hunters item. so darn easy. then walk to blueside next. dont do your blue. never know if their pesky jungler has it warded and is waiting to counter you trying. and also you generate more gold by only doing your blue after your jungle item is complete and your higher level to blast it quicker. so once you reach blueside. you just do gromp > wolves > wraiths > krugs . then you shop. get the warding jungle item. its the best and ill explain why in a moment. do not do your blue! its faster this way! then walk back to blueside. and if your blue is there do it and you quickly blast it since your higher level with completed jungle item. now if during this time your enemy counters your blue and takes it. have a good laugh because that actually puts him BEHIND. if you see your blue gone when you come back, smile, because it means you are actually AHEAD of the enemy jungler. because the time it took him to walk across the map to your blue and do it and walk away, actually generates less gold and exp than "the path". just stick to "the path" and you will be ahead then do gromp > wolves > wraiths > krugs again. BUT WAIT ! now here is where "the path" will change slightly. now that you have your warding jungle item. you wanna use those wards to help midlane a bit. the seconds it costs is werf so here is now the final path you do gromp -> wolves . and then you walk to the mid-river-sidebush and you ward it over the wall with your jungle item. then you walk through midlane (revealing your position. who cares. this is the fastest way to do it) and you throw your second ward into what ill call the "see all red location". this second ward you want to place on the "ramp" near your red / birds. if you place your ward on the ramp correctly (its easy to do. not hard at all) you will see full vision of the river near your red all the way to their blue banana bush, along with the path from it to your red, seeing full vision of both gank paths going through river into the river sidebush, or walking up into your red to gank mid through that path and then you walk to wraiths. and you kill wraiths. then krugs. then you shop for more items. when you walk back to gromp and repeat the process over and over again until you feel like your god and can start killing anyone you want. farming gold and dropping those wards while doing the "final path". if your red / blue are up along the way, then take them sure. however remember following the "final path" will always generate the most gold. if you recall and your red is up. DO NOT WALK TO YOUR RED. instead walk to your gromp and kill your gromp and follow the path. warding for your mid laner. and by the time you get to your red and kill it you will have generated more gold. also if your reds gone when you get there, just smile, because your enemy jungler put himself behind by taking your red do not do skuttles. they put you behind in gold. following "the path" will give you maximum gold and exp generation while buying items every rotation. at the cost of 0 ganks and having your team play a 4v5. however, just keep faith. 30% of games your teams will feed. but in 70% of games you will become god at 18 minutes with the highest gold / exp in the game and at that point you can walk around the map killing anyone you want POST NOTES: im not saying its right or good to "never gank". that is your choice in your game. all im sayin is thats how i like to play when i jungle. now i PREFER to just go toplane and win my lane and carry from top. its way easier. i dont have to rely on teams "not feeding" to carry. i much prefer going top however. if im FORCED to jungle. then this is what ill do. ill focus on making myself strong. thats just how i like to do things, thats all at any point you can choose to drop the path and start ganking. thats up to you. league has options for every moment all im saying is, im pretty sure this is the highest gold/exp income path for any jungler. i dont know exactly 100% the exact reasons why but its generating insane levels of gold / exp. probably due to the faster 2 jungle items which increase your clearspeed faster than any other method. you basically have your "jungle item" at level 2. making your gold/exp generation much higher than the enemy jungler if he doesnt do this
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