theorycrafting how to play against pyke (Support)

short answer play {{champion:201}} long answer Pyke is an assassin at least early game so he wants to all in and to do that he will need strong stats early and to scare poorly, I expect two different pyke builds to arise one that builds {{item:3147}} and tries to roam and a more tanky one with {{item:3401}} and focuses on snowballing lane for the pike that builds more traditional support items he has use everything to go onto the enemy adc meaning he doesnt have a free escape unless he saves invisibility or flashes but your shield counters his clone and your passive means once jumps in you should be able to stun him in minions and finish him off for the one that is constantly looking to snowball other lanes treat him like you would a bad {{champion:432}} or{{champion:98}} and attempt to all in the enemy ADC when he shows somewhere else, which is something that braum is also decent at with good cc and lots of health crash the minions into tower and tank for your adc the 3rd reason is that pykes ult doesn't execute off percent health but on a flat amount and you have insanely high health early and build almost all items that contain health making you one less target for resets I dunno if you guys agree with me let me know what you think
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