My personal feedback about 8.11

I don't know if Riot reads the boards or not, but I wanted to give my feedback as an ADC main that loves playing Ashe Jhin and Lucian (and some other adcs). I did several tests on PBE but since it's PBE we can't know exactly how it will be until it hits Live This thread will not list the changes that were done because I assume everyone knows what will happen since it created a huge fiesta recently about how adcs are going to be "buffed" But there is something I need to talk about, something **really important that everyone needs to know**. It's about patch 7.9 let's talk about patch 7.9 and how the game was before. Blade of the ruined king was extremely broken, it made lucian tier 1 and the best adc in the game. Crit was shit or at least underbuilt, blade of the ruined king and black cleaver were both built on every adcs that could build them In march 2017, SSG Ruler made an Ashe build extremely popular where you built blade of the ruined king into black cleaver Crit was deemed underwhelming because it essentially took a long time to spike, when i say crit i'm talking about IE and IE+rfc/shiv combo PD used to cost 2550 gold and was built EVERYTIME, Runan was mandatory because it was simply overtuned Lethality ADCS were the only thing played along Varus and Ashe with BORK, other adcs who could use BORK like kog were played but due to ashe and varus utility being stronger they overshadowed him. Then patch 7.9 arrived IE received a 200 gold buff which was the most important change, 3400 gold IE completly broke the meta IMO and on a smaller scale 1200 gold zeal. What you do on every adc right now is: BF--->zeal---->IE---->RFC/shiv---->RFC/shiv but wait, there were more: Blade of the ruined king received a 100 gold nerf, which may seem nothing but made the item extremely undertuned, it's really bad right now And after this patch the meta changed completly. Cait became the most obnoxious adc in the game, achieving a 100% pick/ban rate in pro, twitch was suddenly played, kog fell out of favor until Ardent+guinsoo meta. Now why am I talking about that? because in next patch {{item:3031}} is getting a 300 gold nerf which is BIGGER than the buff it got last year {{item:3086}} is getting a 100 gold nerf, but the crit chance it gives is also being reduced and {{item:3085}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3046}} are having 200 gold nerf which is something that was not changed last year AND AT THE SAME TIME {{item:3153}} is getting a 200 gold buff which is BIGGER than the nerf it got last year I can't help but think that the game is basically being reverted to 7.8 but harder, Ashe Varus Lucian meta with BORK the only thing that changed is that runan is being more expensive But wait there is more. I tried to test the difference of damage between new IE and old IE this is damage on live, 435 crit damage on a 100 armor target this is damaage on PBE, 329 crit + 64 true damage now before you point out "UH DU 100% CRIT" ashe **cannot crit due to her passive**, her passive removes the RNG it makes crit simply becoming DPS than burst, so if you want to compare DPS you should directly use Ashe as an example, 100% or 80% crit her AA will always crit and deal a bonus damage based on the amount of crit she has. so I was curious about what was the armor threshold were you deal more damage someone on the french boards discord posted this and apparently it's 121 armor But wait there is more: New infinity edge only deals bonus damage to champions, which nerfs marksmen's ability to take baron and dragon This is a change that i totally love because it does increase the diversity, marksmen are right now too good at taking objectives which leaves you no choices but to play a marksman In the end, crit will become terrible compared to other options that are: lethality {{champion:202}} {{champion:21}} **WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT STORMRAZOR WAS A GOOD IDEA** Riot, if you wanted to design an ADC item you designed the wrong item jesus This item is pointless on so much adcs, you really have to admit that you only wanted jhin to build this item And speaking about lethality, {{item:3036}} is total armor penetration now, I was able to oneshot a half hp vayne with {{champion:202}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3036}} 4th shot, and before you ask, no crit jhin cannot do that with 2 items Like, I really hope you all remember what lethality jhin was when viable, or lethality miss fortune. I didn't try but i'm pretty sure you can oneshot someone with a miss fortune Q with stormrazor +lethality + LDR since her Q can crit The last thing I wanted to talk about is what will happen to marksmen's base stats and fleet footwork (FFW) now, as an ADC main there is something I knew since a long time: marksmen are way too overpowered in lane. Ranged manaless damage that is point and click is rewarded by so much for no risk at all and this is something you should use in lane: abuse your range If you play Ashe you should know that having 600 range, most adcs cannot reach you in lane and if they're about to CS you can wave a free AA to win a trade. In league, Range just does not come with enough drawbacks. I never realised before the base stats nerfs how marksmen's stats were high actually As a reminder, Yasuo has 60 AD and 30 armor Caitlyn has 62 AD and 32 armor while having 650 range it just makes no sense considering how overpowered range is in lane. My point is that with -4 AD -5 armor and -2 hp regen Yasuo might be able to lane against adcs. there are some Yasuo mains who are already able to bring him botlane, with -4 AD adcs will poke less, **and they will sustain less from doran's blade **. with -2 hp regen they will sustain less and doran's shield will be weaker on them, FFW healing is also being reduced after lvl 1 and the bonus movement speed is being nuked by 50%. **_To summarize what is going to happen_** {{champion:81}} will need a nerf. Already op with muramana+seraphin, but now crit is being nerfed and bork (that he already builds) will be buffed I can see new essence reaver (ER) being good on him. Additionally he does not use FFW. {{champion:236}} will make a come back, one of the strongest user of {{item:3153}} +{{item:3071}} combo, and ER will be strong on him. Additionally he does not use FFW. {{champion:202}} absolutly broken, LDR total armor pen+lethality+stormrazor is insane, everyone who has access to PBE should try it. {{champion:21}} Did not test her, but the same thing should happen on a scale that i do not know. {{champion:22}} {{champion:110}} from crit to BORK, I assume the same thing will happen to {{champion:145}} {{champion:51}}{{champion:498}} nerfed in every single way, they both scale too much with crit to have their power remaining the same with BORK the changes that I support for the sake of diversity: -base stats nerfs -FFW nerfs -IE bonus damage nerfed against baron and dargon -Crit powerspike reduced, IE not giving flat crit+zeal crit reduced -ADCS burst against squishies reduced the changes i am skeptical about: -LDR total armor pen -BORK being stronger than before 7.9 the changes i am totally against: -stormrazor, very bad idea
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