Is it really necessary for Sylas to have a tool for every situation?

Laning against him as an immobile caster is a nightmare. It feels like his kit was designed around top lane, but coincidentally shits all over pretty much every mid laner. You can't assassinate or burst him because he has way too much survivability, without building it. You can't hit him with skill shots, because his E is a 'get out of jail free' card unless the player is bad. After he dodges your skill shot, his E's stun and knock up guarantees that both parts of his Q land (because he needs to be rewarded for that huge outplay of your skill shot), while you're unable to avoid it because Q also slows, because fuck you. And because it's a grab, it can't be stopped once the chains are in the air. You use the rest of your abilities in an attempt to trade with him, and then you get yet another 'fuck you' because he heals for 30-40% of his health, ensuring that there's no way for you to win the trade. His damage is also insanely high for how much survivability he has. Without his passive **or** a stolen ultimate, his total combo damage is just slightly lower than Lux's. With his passive, it deals significantly more damage than a full Lux combo, which turns it into a guaranteed 100 to 0 once he has Luden's. He really shouldn't have all of these tools in his kit.
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