Janna needs a rework

No matter how many times she gets nerfed directly or indirectly she becomes a problem again. Currently she is the highest winrate support while simultaneously the highest pickrate support on op.gg. Here's the problem with Janna. Her skill floor is ridiculously low and has little skill ceiling. Janna is the support I play when I get autofilled because she's easy as hell to play and super forgiving when you mess up. Her two main CCs aren't effected by tenacity and are super easy to land. Her ult is easier to land than a point and click ability and hard counters engage way too hard for how zero effort it is. At least with a point and click you have to mouse over the enemy. Janna's ult isn't even that. Her ult is literally 'something is close to me, ***presses R***'. Let's not forget the 'press E on my ADC for a shield and 50 AD'. She needs a rework because she's really hard to fuck up on while still cockblocking half the champion roster with ease. Really the only skill expression in her kit is a flash R which is still easy as hell to pull off. Rework Janna so she actually has a skillcap. People say stuff like Garen is easy to play but even he is difficult when compared to Janna. And before I get the obligatory "she's just good in this meta" I would like to point out that almost every single meta since beta must have been a good meta for her right?
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