Bots have literally infested the Treeline

So, recently I've gone back to playing Twisted Treeline for quick games, with quick queue times, for some nice fast fun. However I forgot that the crippling amount of bots that have swarmed the map hasn't been fixed. I know you guys work hard on banning these accounts as their identified, and I thank you for that, but when me and the only other human on our team would rather surrender than keep playing it out and the enemy team is cruel enough to not shove into our base when asked it gets a little bothersome. Do you think you guys could change the vote system on TT, or maybe the surrender timer in general to 10 minutes? I'm really just tossing out random suggestions, i suppose right now I'm akin to a child who's having a bit of a temper tantrum, but the map is congested with these IP farming fiends. This problem has been going on for years now, and its really just saddening that a fun map has been corroded like this.
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