Thoughts on Warwick's rework

The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun, someone with that title means business, bloody Business at that! So, with Warwick having just hit the PBE I just had to jump into some games to test out CertainlyT's take on one of League's oldest champions and after having been forced to play Mordekaiser in 70% of those games and a precious few Warwick games I feel I've gotten enough input to portray my very own thoughts on this rework. Basically, what I've come to notice with the rework is that He's a Sneaky Metal reference aside, the new Warwick FEELS powerful in both gameplay and thematic, the latter definitely being the selling point for me personally. Everything about the new Warwick has a place in his design and contributes to the finished product that is The Wrath of Zaun. But enough of me praising this rework, let's get into his abilities and see WHY this rework delivers! **Eternal Hunger** This might just be the part of his kit that wasn't changed too heavily, in fact it functionally is still the same old "Eternal thirst" What it does is provide excellent sustain when clearing the jungle as well as giving Warwick the edge in those Adrenaline-inducing moments of being low HP and trying to just survive. It is thematically speaking very fitting, especially if you see a Warwick just claw his health back when low. He's able to potentially heal for 120 Hp EVERY AA when below 25% hp. Definitely a good passive for a Jungler and Diver but moving on.... **Jaws of the Beast** Still, very similar to his old Q, Hungering strike with a very subtle skill ceiling added to it. This makes WW's jungling rather easy and provides even more combat sustain with the large health chunks he rips out of his enemies, also very thematic, seeing that he just viciously bites his foes. Being able to follow blinks is less about skill and more about luck sadly but it's a cool feature and makes for rather goofy misplays. The real value of this skill lies in Warwick's duelling prowess through the 70% healing this ability gets at rank 5 The ability to dance around skillshot reliant champions is also invaluable and makes him hard to peel off once in range **Blood Hunt** Okay, this is probably my favorite aspect of his new kit as it's not only a passive and thus always active but delivers on his theme as this Chimeric Werewolf out for blood. It is THE thematic core of his kit, not only through its awesome SFX's but also by Warwick going feral and just following the scent of his victim's blood. The movespeed is great, the tracking allows for some rather nice chasing tools and the Attack speed makes him extremely lethal when stalking low HP enemies And the active, oh boy. It's basically a better thrill of the hunt, driving that spike into Warwick's spine and going all beastmode on the enemy, it's definitely where Warwick shines in the mid and late game when he gets going and stalks his prey. **Primal Howl** Remember old Warwick's ganking? Me neither... But with this new E Warwick actually has a way to reliably gank without him to be six and his ultimate being off cooldown. Primal Howl is not only great CC by being an AoE FEAR but also the diving tool he needs to do his job. Nothing beats lunging in with your R only to absorb the blunt force of the enemy's retaliation with its damage reduction and just fearing all of them once the effect wears off, makes him a force to be reckoned with. Also, protip for early WW ganking. Use Jaws of the Beast to get behind the enemy and fear them away with primal Howl, makes for a rather fancy early ganking tool. Finally, his ultimate **Infinite Duress** It didn't change all that much besides being a SKILLSHOT, which scales with MOVEMENT SPEED. I feel like I'm just constantly repeating myself but this just works so well with Warwick's fantasy. Amassing a buttton of MS only to lunge straight for the enemy and trying to rip their throat out really fits the Werewolf theme Warwick's known for. The entirety of its damage healing him seems a bit excessive but then again he'll use it to engage, thus making the heal less of a problem. What this ult creates is a skill ceiling which promotes one of my favorite things about league STRATEGIC THINKING. You'll have to know how to flank and when to engage to get the best use of Infinite Duress as otherwise you'd just get exploded or just waste it on a frontliner. It works well with Blood Hunt to create this hunting Fantasy Warwick achieves even better than current Rengar. **Closing Remarks** This Warwick rework is beast, in more ways than one. Not only did it keep the core of his being intact but IMPROVED it in every way possible, it delivers on his thematic fantasy as well as giving him more depth and agency other than pressing R on an enemy champion. All in all I feel this is one of the best VGU's since Sion's and I'm definitely going to add Warwick to my Champion pool. (Also, Tried playing him top, doesn't work that well, sorry Tidal) Anyways, I'm totally amazed of how Riot managed to capture the essence of Warwick and just put it into a really cool kit, truly delivering on everything one would hope for when picking the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun. 10/10, would give CertainlyT another chance to rework some ol' champions.
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