I guess it's becoming more and more evident that Riot doesn't get Rumble

Looking back at all the posts I've already made on Rumble, their reception, and what measures Riot took after recieving the feedback, I'm really starting to draw one very important conclusion: If your champion has both low pick rate and a dire need for some good buffs, they're not gonna get those until reddit memes about it for long enough (*cough* Aatrox *cough* Volibear *cough*). Checking PBE patch notes every single evening, looking for any trails of potential Rumble changes, and then either getting nothing or some meaningless changes that are nothing but placebo buffs like the recent Q buff or the current [PBE W buff](http://www.surrenderat20.net/2018/06/65-pbe-update-tentative-balance-changes.html) feels straight up awful. It's just as if Riot forgot that Rumble even exists, but due to some miniscule outcry they got reminded of him, but since nobody in the entire company knows how this champion works they're just throwing these meaningless band-aid fixes in hopes they shut this very small, not very vocal minority up, while ignoring the fact that Rumble's problems run deeper than "oh, he deals 10 less damage than he should with his Q at rank 4", or "his W could have a 10% higher ap ratio" or "let's remove the only thing that makes Rumble's ult usable in soloQ (linger effect) and compensate it with meaningless number changes". Let me rephrase what I've been trying to say with all of my previous posts that I've put out a few months back: Rumble isn't bad because he doesn't deal enough damage or whatever, he's bad because he can't actually dish out his damage in a meaningful way, many people say that he's a terrible champion to play against because he pokes people from afar without interacting with his opponent, guess what, I'm not a fan of that playstyle either, but Rumble's awful early game/dueling/tankyness/mobility force him to play like a little bitch for most of the laning phase, one step too close to an enemy top carry? You get beaten the shit out of before you can even dish out your full Q. Want to come a bit closer to the enemy tank to ensure you can hit your full rotation on them? You'll most likely get cc-chained to death, while obviously enemy jungler somehow gets involved and picks up a kill on you, and don't forget that even if you somehow survive, thanks to Doran's Shield and Second Wind enemy tank top laner won't even feel a thing while you're damaging him. It's not very fun trying to play around an unreliable short range DoT ability that deals damage equal to any other basic ability (except instead of it being instant, it's spread over 3 seconds), and it's also much more heavily countered by mobility (being able to exit the zone prematurely) or cc (keeping Rumble away from yourself making his entire Q go to waste), while additionally for Rumble to make use of it he has to put himself into a needless amount of risk (walk up to the enemy champion within <600 range, keep them in that range for ~3 seconds, pray to god you don't get knocked back/die). Pretty much the same can be said about his ult, as currently to make good use of it you not only have to have an entire teamcomp built around Rumble's ult, but also you need to have each teamfight play out with near perfect results, which hardly ever happens anymore as there have been a lot more safety nets introduced to make sure that Rumble's ult doesn't actually do anything (Redemption, Locket, Heals/Shields being massively powercreeped, various invulnerability effects, mobility creep, simply spreading out to make sure Rumble can't hit a good Equalizer, Adaptive Helm). With his early game forcing him to play super passively and hardly ever giving him a chance to win a lane, and the late game being the time where Rumble's effectiveness heavily drops due to how easy it is to counter him, it leaves him with pretty much only one strong point in the game being that one 15-20 minute mark point where you've got your ult and can force teamfights and the enemy team doesn't yet have enough of the excessive shit that would render you useless. That is assuming that you actually get to snowball your lane, or at least don't fall incredibly behind, though in this day and age it's hard not to have either of these happen to you. Not to mention that over the years there's been more and more ways of countering Rumble introduced in the game, while all the tools he's been using to do his job have been either deleted or nerfed. Unlike my other posts this one's most likely the messiest one, that can most likely be attributed to the fact that I don't like to state the obvious multiple times and yet still get completely ignored, I doubt that anyone will actually read this since Rumble isn't a funny meme champion like Volibear, Aatrox or Urgot are. I'm seriously done with trying to give any sort of feedback, or at least I'm not even expecting any sort of insightful response at this point, any champion main can fight for their champion to be better, except for me, a Rumble main, just because he was good some time around Season 3 I'm supposed to shut up and be happy that he somehow didn't get deleted yet.
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