No room for casual play in League of Legends. You are forced to commit to LoL or Uninstall

Been playing Video/Computer games for over 30 years and LoL for over 5 years. I used to commit 2-3 hours a day to play to attempt to get a win in a Match made game. if I got a win my first game then I play an other game to even things out. I can only seem to win against bot games now. Your match making process constantly over estimates my skill level and I have not a chance to win anymore. If you look at my life time win/loss you can easily see what I am talking about. I have won 2 games in the past 20 and 1 has been a bot game. I haven't the time to learn all the changes Riot applies to the game in order to have a chance at a victory. Every game except ranked is plagued with smurfs that have no points in a champion yet are ubber strong with them. Ranked is too competitive and the people there blame each other for things like ward placement. So what is an old man to do when he just wants to have fun at having a chance at a game he would like to play once in a while? I have put alot of cash into the game but can never see myself paying any more for a game that gives out nothing but grief. {{champion:26}} Computer gaming since 1979 (Atari 400 Computer w/Star Raiders) Yes I call myself "Ancient" for that reason :)
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